In our further endeavours to conserve as much water as possible, we are following the City’s lead by restricting the use of the swimming pool. In the current hot and windy conditions, it is wasteful to have the pool uncovered the entire day. We will be implementing a system where the pool will remain covered and out of use during the day, and will be uncovered and open for use between 3pm and 6pm Monday to Friday. On the weekend and on public holidays, the pool will be open from 10am to 6pm.

You are also reminded about the following important rules for the pool, and other specific Club rules:

The swimming pool is a Members’ Only facility;

Only members may use the pool, and members are required to have their membership card with them, as is required whenever they are on the property;

Guests are only permitted if they are accompanied by a member. Members are reminded that they may only introduce a guest twice in a calendar month;

No member under 18 may introduce a guest to use the pool. You are also reminded that parents of junior members are not members of the Club in their own right; and

No person under the age of 14 may use the pool unless under the direct supervision of an adult.

In order to ensure these long-standing rules are enforced, and in order to further benefits to members, these rules will be strictly monitored. We ask your assistance in observing these rules.