WPCC commitment to water restrictions

The management, staff and members of WPCC are fully aware of the severity of water restrictions currently

imposed by the City Council (“CC”). The Club is thus committed, together with Servest (our outsourced

contractor on grounds maintenance) to try to conserve water yet still maintain our assets, being our sports

fields. The Club currently uses borehole water from two boreholes to water the campus. These boreholes have

been registered with the CC, and the requisite signage displayed. The Club has also applied for exemption to

water on days other than those stipulated in the restrictions, as well as watering outside of the times allocated.

This watering will be done utilizing borehole water. The reason for the application for exemption is that the

requirement to water on a Saturday is impractical for the Club. One cannot water playing fields on a Saturday

as these are used for matches on that day. In addition, and due to the size of the campus, we are unable to

water sufficiently before 9am or after 6pm.

In making our application, we have recommended the following compromises:

No watering will take place in any flower beds or to the entrance area of the clubhouse;

No watering will take place on any recreational field. Recreational fields are the multipurpose field off

Avenue de Mist, the small field adjacent to the astro turf hockey field, the area adjacent to ETA or

areas surrounding the tennis courts. These areas are all connected to borehole water;

We will endeavour to water the playing fields well once per week, as opposed to watering twice a


Where possible, no watering will take place at midday; and

No watering will take place 48 hours after a good rain.

The main areas of watering will thus be the following:

4 x bowls greens

3 x cricket fields

In addition to the exemptions applied for above, we have requested guidance on water usage on the astro turf

for selected first league and provincial matches, to enable us to fall in line with the exemptions granted to

Hartleyvale hockey stadium.

Our irrigation system, which is linked to the boreholes, is checked every Monday and repairs attended to


We understand the concern that our neighbours have regarding the water usage, and trust this communication

outlines our serious commitment to this issue.

Kind regards,