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Western Province Cricket Club owns the Members Pavilion at Sahara Park Newlands.

The Members only pavilion houses comfortable seating for members and guests, two restaurants including clean and hygienic change room facilities for all attending.  There are 3 separate bars open for selected International and Domestic matches as well as kiosk stations to accommodate junior members during the days play.

The rest of the stadium is owned by the WP Cricket Association, who also controls the Match Ticketing.
WPCC Members are entitled to purchase a Ground Entry Ticket specifically for the Members Pavilion (Only WPCC Members can purchase WPCC PAVILION tickets).
Members Tickets are sold from the WPCC A-GATE Ticket Office. Season Tickets are sold from the B-GATE Ticket Office.

Adult Members are entitled to purchase a number of guest tickets determined by the Executive Committee.

International Matches: 2 guests

Domestic Matches:  4 guests

* The above allocations will change from time to time according to match demands

3 Responses to Newlands

  1. Clare Stableford says:

    I would like to comment on the new nameless company who is supplying catering at newlands. I do not want to post remarks on Facebook or Twitter for everybody to read.

    A friend and I came to the match on Friday and very disappointed in the service by the unknown caterers. (I had already suggested at previous T20 games that names be supplied). We had problems getting tea and coffee. The caterers were not organised for serving hot drinks at 3pm and we had to wait until the till arrived. Although there was coffee available,(very weak) the tea bags were missing. At 8 pm we wanted cups of tea, but the hot water was missing! Apparently the caterers had left and the kitchen was locked and there was no hot water/coffee or tea. There was one person in charge who eventually found us some hot water at about 9pm (but no coffee). The cricket finished at 10.30 and surely the caterers have a contract to stay until the end. he food is not inspiring and very solid.

    I am a life member of the club and so is my friend, Betty Gillespie, and we would like to support the club, but it is difficult with such poor service.

  2. daniel wagener says:

    Does anybody from wpcc read the comments on this website?

  3. Kayo says:

    Back in school, I’m doing so much leanginr.

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