Newlands Hospitality Price list 2016/17

Dear Members,

We have suites available on the 4th floor of the Newlands pavilion which has a magnificent view of the field as well as the mountain in the backdrop. Each suite has a fully equipped bar and barman for the duration of the game and if you choose the fully catered option food will be served throughout the game.

We have 24 seats in each suite but are able to accommodate 30 guests if some are willing to sit on bar chairs and relax close to the bar. You are able to run a cash bar or a tab bar on the day/night.

The 2017/2018 season has a lot to offer with Sri Lanka kicking off in January with a test match followed by a ODI and T20.In October Bangladesh will be here followed by India in November and then finishing off the summer in Feb with a tour from the Australians.

We have decided to offer the following corporate deal for a lease from the 1st of January 2017 to the 31st of March 2018

Long term lease option includes: R 80,000.00 excluding Vat

  • 2 memberships of the Club also the use of the facilities at the Ave De Mist clubhouse such as tennis and squash for the duration of the lease.
  • 2 parking tickets on the Groote Schuur fields per game.
  • The use of the suite at any time during the day when the clubhouse is open (for your own meetings) but not when the grounds are being used for a concert for example. 
  • Suite cleaning, security, DSTV and rates and taxes – you pay one amount only.
  • 2 complimentary tickets for each game.
  • One free Conferencing/Function facility in the Pavilion.
  • 2 x free boardroom hire.

This offer excludes Vat and does not include the tickets for each game. Remember you only need to purchase the tickets you need for each game.

If you pay in advance the deal will be R 75,000.00 excluding vat and if you take a two year lease the amount will be R 70,000.00 per year. Each year payable in advance.

We would also be happy to offer a quarterly option for R 20,000.00 excluding vat.

Please don’t hesitate contact if you need any further information.

Download the entire price list here – PRICE LIST