The Club welcomes male and female members from the age of 6 years in several age groups and full members from 28+ years, with a discounted subscription for a spouse or family junior members. A temporary membership for a maximum of 3 months is also available. Two proposers known to the candidate must sign an application form which can be obtained from the Club Membership office, Sports Centre Reception or downloaded from the website.  The application goes before the Membership Committee for vetting and approval at their monthly meeting and is then posted on the Club notice board for two weeks in terms of the Constitution.  There is no waiting list for membership at present.

Cricket, hockey, lawn bowls, squash and tennis as well as a running section and a gym are available for members at the Club in Ave de Mist, Rondebosch and more than a quarter of  members are active in these sports.   If you wish to represent the Club in any of these sporting codes, there is a section levy payable in addition to the annual subscription.

All members are able to watch cricket from the Members Pavilion at the famous Newlands Cricket Ground, rated one of the greatest Test Match venues in the world.

Members are also able to use the facilities at the Sports Club on Ave De Mist 7 days a week.  The first floor accommodates the Members Bar and Lounge with large screen TV and The Club Restaurant as well as the Chairman’s View and Captain’s Cabin meeting rooms.  The ground floor houses the ladies’ and men’s change rooms – complete with a sauna in the men’s change room, a kiosk and a swimming pool with braai facilities, the indoor centre, squash courts and sports shop.

As a member of the Western Province Cricket Club you are entitled to use the facilities at Newlands and at the Sports Club on Ave De Mist.



Membership Application forms are available from the WPCC Sports Centre Reception or Membership Office.  Alternatively, download the forms below.

Complete one form per member or the family form for a Family Membership, accurately and in block letters. Email is our preferred method of contact and the address to which we will send fortnightly newsletters and annual statements.

Please ensure that the address you provide on the application form is checked regularly and remember to let us know if your details change.

You will require a Proposer and a Seconder – both must be WPCC members in good standing and over the age of 18, with a minimum of three years unbroken membership. If you do not know any WPCC members, please obtain a letter of reference from a previous club or attach a letter of motivation.


Prepare your payment by completing the Payment Option form. If you are uncertain of the amount due, please phone the Membership Secretary for assistance. If paying by EFT, please phone the Membership Secretary for a unique 6 digit reference number. Remember to attach the proof of payment to your application form.


Submit the Application form with your payment / proof of payment, for the attention of The Membership Secretary:

WPCC Sports Centre, Ave De Mist, Rondebosch, 7700


Telephone:                   021 6573334

Please be aware that applications take one full calendar month to process.  If we receive your application mid month, your application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee at the beginning of the next month. If you would like to utilise the facilities whilst your application is being processed, please request a temporary membership card from The Membership Secretary.

Banking details/credit card payment form