We would like to congratulate all WPCC members who took part in both the WP u21 IPT and the Masters IPT respectively. Special congratulations to the medal winners!

U21 IPT Mens won silver
Damian Knott – Captain
Devin Stanton – Assistant Coach

U21 IPT Ladies won gold
Manisha Desai
Emily Bezuidenhout
Nihaad Sulaiman
Justin Grundlingh – Coach/p>

Mens IPT Masters Colts won gold
Scotty Fraser – Captain
JJ Harris
Craig Hall
Mike Saunders
Andre de Klerk
Dylan Piatti
Andre Cronje
Dale Isaac
Jon Haughton – Coach
Matthew McKonkey – Manager

Kate Woods was Captain
Natasha Norton was Vice Captain
Lauren Penny
Natalie Pollock
Bridget Martyn
Gill Barbour
Kelly Croxford
Natasha Clarkson

Wp Ladies Fillies Won gold
Jill Walsh
Sue Cowen manager
Nikki Duchenne
Alison Upton
Carrie Nixon
Elaine Harvey
Carey can Vlaanderen
Sarah Utermark
Claire Sellmeyer